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How to start writing an essay in easy steps?

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You may find essay writing thing a bit dry and frustrating enough, but it shouldn’t be as you are student and you have to write essays, papers, thesis throughout the academic career. By learning easy steps to start writing, you will be able make it fun.

Research and Information Collection:

First of all, you must have enough ideas and information on the specified topic and subject. So here you go. You are required to collect the information, facts and figure through immense research. Don’t worry about the time. This is the time taking step. Spend most of the time at this step and it will make all next steps quick and easy. You may use course books, reference books, lecture notes, journals, online databases, online resources etc for this purpose.

Validate the Information:

Now, focus on the topic and make up your mind by validating the collected information. Must keep in mind what your professor would like in the paper and what wouldn’t. Always include proven information and don’t ever forget to note down the references.

Brainstorming and Outline:

After that, do brainstorming through the collected validated information. Develop your own ideas and then give them words to speak on paper for the development of first draft. Just list down your ideas with reference to your research and that would be your outline for the essay paper. Then sort them out what should come first, second, third… and then conclusion and results. Your outline is finalized.

Rough Draft:

Now you are ready to start with the rough draft. Before writing the first draft, you should be well aware of the overall structure of your essay. For instance, you are required to write introduction, then body paragraphs explaining, defining, argumentation the topic and then conclusion.


Using the information and points you developed through brainstorming, start writing paragraph by paragraph. Blend your ideas with the research keeping the references according to whatever citation you required. If you want to impress your professor, you need to develop a strong introduction. It should be attractive and concrete. Focus on the main topic, set up a thesis statement if needed and then create a buffer for the explanation in coming paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs:

Now you need to create one paragraph for every single idea. Don’t talk about multiple ideas in one paragraph. Try to write clearly whatever your idea is. Include supporting facts and figure with proper reference. Be concise, your reader may lose the interest in wordy sentences.

Follow your outline. Cover all the points you list down for the first draft. If any new idea come in your mind while writing first draft, first note it down in the points list before you forget it. Then continue from where you were. Be relaxed, don’t be panic or hurry up. Try to develop sensible sentences. Don’t go for big one. Small sentences will help you to get the big score.

Keep an eye on the length of the paper. If you are required to write 5 pages then try to complete the essay in the required word size. If you finish remarkably in less or extra words, proofreading will take more time to add or subtract the words.

Conclusion and Result:

Following through what you discussed in body paragraphs, develop the conclusion. Remember, conclusion paragraph is the exit gate of your essay. The result should be based on the mentioned facts and figure. Final result should be written in strong, full and final statement. Give the reason why you concluded this result and your essay is finished.


Now, read your essay from top to bottom multiple times from the readers’ point of view. Make required corrections. Try to be critic. Remove the weaknesses. Pay attention to the selection of words, grammatical errors and flow of writing. If you have crossed the word limit, you need to concise it and if you are undersized then you need to add more words carefully.

Formatting & Reference Page:

After proofreading, format it as your professor asked. List down all the references in bibliography page. Recheck the references and see whether you have covered the specified topic. Make sure, you have discussed or answered all the required points/questions.

Check Plagiarism:

Now at last check your essay through Turnitin for plagiarism. If any line or word appear as plagiarism replace them with suitable synonym.  Read one more time before submission. As much you read your essay, it gets improved.

Submit Before Deadline:

At last, don’t be lazy. Submit your essay on time and make sure it is received by the professor.


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